The Worst Leader of Britain - Ever.

The Worst Leader of Britain - Ever!


“Whilst a Nation burns -Johnson fiddles” The UK like other countries is burning up with the odeadly Coronavirus or as it is now called ‘Covid-19’ whilst this lying, deceitful, bullying yet cowardly ‘Scroat’ romanticises over and over again that he is the new Sir Winston Churchill!

Words like “war”, “battle” “together we will overcome” “An island nation”, “win”, “beat” all drip off the end of his lying tongue as if it was ‘Azincourt`, France, 1415 or indeed WWII.

 Of course, the gutter press hail him like ‘Caesar’ and put photos of Britain’s greatest leader alongside their images of our mad pm Johnson! This is the extreme right wing paying lip service to an extreme right Dictator and is disgusting, despicable and distasteful behaviour. I believe that it is an insult on the Churchill family and certainly it is to millions of Brits that still admire what Sir Winston achieved for the free world.

I will never ever read the stinking Times, Financial Times, Telegraph, Sun Rag, Express or Mail rags again. They are an insidious bunch, and their print still comes off on one’s arse!

As someone happy to be confined to my own home in Spain for a while so that I, as an elderly person with several underlying health problems have a chance to outlive this terrible plague, I am aghast at what this novice is doing to the people of the UK. I have quite a lot of family and friends there and I fear for them – each and every one of them.

He is the big shot, nobody must question or interrogate him, he in his mind, is untouchable whatever crime he commits. I believe that in every action he commits to he thinks, nay believes he is Sir Winston reincarnated and that is all that is important to him. Were he not a Prime Minister he would likely be contained in a lunatic asylum by now.

He wants 80% of the UK population to catch the virus. I make that 52,000,000 people he is prepared to sacrifice in the belief of the Herd Thesis!!!!! If 52 million got it the other 13 million would get it anyway – everyone except him because he is special!

This idea must have been put forward by ‘Reichsgesundheitsfurer Cummings’ who possibly has links to Doctor ‘G’´- also from WWII.

We have a pig-ignorant and know-it-all leader who actually gets his ideas from a nasty little shit in the corner of number 10 and once his script on what he wants to say  or is instructed to say, runs out and he is about to be questioned, he runs off and hides in a large fridge! For his figure it needs to be large!

I suspect that every woman he has made pregnant knew that he had a large fridge in his apartment when he didn’t answer the door bell.

Every word that comes out of his mouth is distrusted by parliament including his own sheep and a growing number of the public.

I left the Tory Party after many years of supporting them when I realised that they were a party that believed they had a divine right to rule. Their attitudes can be seen in the well-presented ‘Peterloo’, the true story of mass murder and countless injuries to put down a peaceful protest in Manchester for the common man to have the vote.

 Their attitude has changed very little in over 200 years. I’m not a Socialist because for me the extreme left is no less scary than the extreme right.

In all the years I was growing up we had ‘Ratchet Politics’ as the Tories and Labour swapped benches every few years and I witnessed the damage done to the British economy which eventually was saved by joining the EU.

Nationalise – Denationalise, give workers rights – take them away. Print money and devalue which Johnson is considering right now! The pound yo-yo wing, borrowing money that the country would struggle to pay back and the taxpayers forced to accept low wages to enable the IMF to be repaid.

Black money from Russia going to the Tory Party Funds for favours!! Putin does nothing without reward so that’s probably why the document on Russian interference in British politics has been held back from disclosure by Dictator Johnson.

Russian Oligarchs buy and sell properties in London like it is a ‘Monopoly Game Board’ and Johnson and his Brown-shirts don’t blink an eye notwithstanding the poison attacks in the UK, the country’s refusal to accept the invasion of Ukraine, or the slaughter of innocent passengers on MH17.

Johnson and his crew are impervious to the British People’s views except on Brexshit and staying in power permanently.

So like Prof Mariota he continues with his mad plan to turn all people in the UK into a herd of beef, sheep or whatever because he believes that he can show the other European countries that he is smarter than they.

How can such an unprofessional self-assuming and idiotic person be left in power?


Clive Walley

18th March 2020.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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