In less than 3 days the British Electorate will be the focus of the nation and possibly the world as they take themselves to their local polling stations and make, quite probably the most important decisions since 1945. 



If the pollsters have got it right, some 42% of them are going to vote for a habitual liar. Johnson has been called on numerous occasions for his deliberate lies by the media in general and on numerous TV broadcasts but he is impervious to people’s concerns because according to the pollsters – they don’t seem to care about his lies!

What does it say for this 42% of voters? If I were to suggest that they were stupid, all hell would break loose! Are they blind? Of course there will be people among them who sadly are naturally blind but to call them stupid would be an even greater insult!

Are they all Brexshiters? That could be the answer but there are Remainers too that appear to worship the Johnson Liar!

So what is the answer? …….Could it, be because many of them are liars too? Perhaps people who are kidding themselves and their families and friends that everything this liar says is actually true but are knowingly lying themselves!!

I can understand the motives of the Brexshiters because they believe they won the referendum but that victory was only achieved through lying and cheating politicians and hangers on like Fartage with his invasion of 74 million Turks into the UK. What I cannot understand is the thinking of Remainers that they have to honourably acknowledge that they lost the corrupted referendum.

Why don’t these 15 million people who voted Remain stand up and vote for any or all of the anti-Brexshit parties?

Why not get involved in tactical voting? The word is that it is in the hands of a small minority to deprive liar Johnson any semblance of a commons majority by tactical voting?

Is all the sterling efforts of over 0ne million protesters who marched on London several times to be forgotten????

Look!!! I’ve been a Tory all my voting life which started in 1960 when I reached my 18th birthday. I’m not a Corbyn supporter but I do recognise decent trustworthy MP’s in the Labour ranks just as there were many good anti-extremists in the Tory ranks before Herr Johnson’s purge. In particular I think of a lovely guy who was my MP many moons ago Kenneth Clarke. He is a man of great integrity and honour and of course party loyalty but even this was destroyed by the Dark Destroyer Johnson. So I can surely be forgiven for my anti-Tory stance right now.

The rot started with uncaring Cameron who appears to have only been focused on his own glory and all of that. He was never a man of the people like Sir Winston Churchill or Anthony Eden or even Sir John Major who seems to share my loathing of what the current Tory Party has become.

May was completely dreadful she treated everyone with contempt and demonstrated a new form of pig ignorance.

Then cometh ‘The Angel of death’ - Johnson. I make no apologies for this. He wants to become a Dictator of a ONE PARTY Nation – The CONSERVATIVE PARTY. He intends to change parliamentary laws to ensure that the Executive controls PARLIAMENT rather than the EXECUTIVE being controlled by the people’s representatives, PARLIAMENT. This is the beginning of a Johnson led Dictatorship but 42% of the electorate will still go to the polling booths and vote for him!

There are over 5 million British Expats who paid into the UK system for many years but who have been denied the right to vote in UK elections despite a whole variety of genuine connections with the UK from family members to actually paying tax in the UK. Cameron promised not once but twice to reinstate people who had been disenfranchised from voting but his promises were just lies. May did the same but couldn’t be bothered to carry it out. Johnson made no promise because like the coward he is he was afraid of the damage 5 million votes could have done to the Brexshit referendum.

Meanwhile Nazi minded people like IDS ‘STOLE’ the winter fuel allowance from expats living in Europe by presenting corrupted statistics on European Winter Temperatures by including those temperatures of dependences in the tropics where winter temperatures are very high into the stats thereby raising on the ground temperatures falsely. He chose an STI to waive it through parliament. Such is his hatred of Expats in Europe. In the same way Johnson took time off to threaten a mere 20,000 people who are permitted to claim Child Benefit that it will be denied in …..wait for it……Getting Brexshit Done.

I am anything other than a racist. I am married to a Chinese lady I have a number of Chinese friends in the UK, China and Hong Kong. I also have Indian friends, African friends, West Indian friends, German friends, Romanian friends, Spanish friends, Ecuadorian friends, even British friends as an expat but I never forgot being angered by what I had to put up with every day when in the late 1960’s I used to come out of my rented flat in Bedford on my way to work, pay taxes and Social Charges to be confronted by a group of West Indian guys who used to mock me for going to work! They would shout out “Hey ‘mon’, why you need to work? Be like us we get the dole and no need to work”

So, I have every sympathy with people who are agitated by ‘foreigners’ getting money for nothing but that has all changed and in fact British People are being denied vital funding to survive under this extremist government.

I don’t like Corbyn because behind his face of kindness lurks the extremist wishes to destroy NATO, destroy our nuclear weapons, give the Falkland Islands away and betray its inhabitants and Nationalise everything in sight but on balance I would prefer a more straightforward Corbyn than a very dodgy and dishonest Johnson.

TACTICAL VOTING is the only way to secure our country of drifting to the extremes of the right…. Neo-Nazis or the extreme left…. Commies. Tactical Voting is a measured and well organised way of controlling Dictator Johnson. I hope many will find peace and satisfaction in that.

Once More I wish to thank over 150,000 people who have taken time out to read my blogs. I wish for you everything you would wish yourself. I wish you joy and peace and the enjoyment of Christmas. God Bless you all.

P.S. I recently fell ill with no strength, feeling weak and dizzy. I went to my local Spanish doctor. He carried out a number of tests and within an hour I was on a stretcher in an Ambulance with ‘Blues & twos’ going headed to a State Hospital. I was admitted into the Emergency Area where more cables and instruments were added for a few hours then moved to Intensive Care…..More connections…. I could have flown to the moon with all this equipment. But, not only equipment but the most obvious care for my welfare. The following day I was in the operating theatre with a drip connected which included a local anaesthetic whilst the lady surgeon cut a 6 or 7 cm slice across my chest immediately below my collar bone into which she daintily fitted a Marcapasos (Pace Maker).  

Some 8 weeks on I have new energy, my pulse rate is a healthy 70/min minimum opposed to 24 and I am looking forward to seeing 2030 at least!!!!! Sad to say, had I of been in England I would have died whilst on the Tories waiting list. What more can I say?


Clive Walley

9th Dec 2019.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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