May’s planned last throw of the dice!

Today, 13th March 2019 will bring a parliamentary debate and vote engineered by the PM to vote for or against ‘A no-deal Brexit but intending that ‘No-Deal Brexit’ will remain the default position even if 100% of MPs were to vote against ‘No-Deal!’

Thus this vote is meaningless and only serves to advise May of the exact numbers who will vote for or against to enable her to ensure she can win the final vote. Be warned.

Tomorrow there will be a debate and a vote on delaying Article 50.

Irrespective of the results of these two votes, May is planning a third and ‘final’ vote!

That vote she will determine will be between ‘A No-Deal Brexit’ and ‘Her Rotten Deal’.

She has planned this all along and Parliament needs to react to this with a no confidence vote (again).

If Parliament fails in this then she will achieve the very status she has been practicing, that of


Clive Walley

13th March 2019

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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