The end of the Tory Party is Nigh!


Even as a life-long Tory the thought of this happening brings a smile to my face! Sorry but I cannot but enjoy the prospect of one Brexstremist after another coming 2nd , 3rd or last in the very next General Election or even losing their deposits! These are the real betrayers of UK PLC:

For a few years all UK political parties were fighting each-other over the ‘middle ground’ and it had seemed that the era of ‘Ratchet-Politics’ was well and truly over. With violent swings to the left then lurches to the right, the ideologies of the 2 main parties were cruelly metred out on the public year after year and enforced by law so we had to just get on with it and pay for it.

“Thank God” I had thought. And, now hopefully with the death of Clause 4 and wholesale Nationalisation on one side and a deeper consideration of the working class and social matters on the other, the British People could now start to believe that they could perhaps have and even enjoy a reasonable life.

Sadly that has all gone now pushed aside by a clown called “David Cameron”. I never liked nor trusted the man. He was too smug and too much a “Toff” and an arrogant one at that. It was his arrogance and self-assuredness that set the wheels in motion for the biggest disease since the plague. That disease is called “Brexit”!

It has become the most used and most loved expression by one part of the country and most hated by the other part of the country. It has deeply divided the citizens of a once proud nation which is Great Britain. And it has even given way to the extremists who want to treat people who voted ‘remain’ as traitors!!

Cameron, in my view didn’t even try to get an improved deal with the EU when the country was more likely to be accommodated by them. It was all too much for him and besides he had already made plans for a life of phenomenal earnings on the back of once having been a PM. In the same way he conveniently skipped his promise (Twice) to restore the voting rights of ex-pat Brits living or working abroad.

“Why should I worry about them?” He thought to himself “they can’t hurt me once I’ve resigned”.

The further the Tory Party shifted its nucleus towards the extreme right wing of the party, the more the Labour Party and its Extremist Leader were emboldened to scoot back to its old central ground positioned only a bus-journey from Moscow.

Sadly, the Lib-Dems were punished by the electorate for its coalition with the Tories which helped keep the Tories on the straight and narrow for a few years, but which also caused the Lib-Dems to renege on their promise to maintain free University Education.

Personally I found that I became more enthusiastic when watching their leader Clegg at the despatch box than I did Cameron.

Now, sooner or later the public even if denied or because they have so far been denied a second Referendum of Brexit, will tear the Tory Party apart and  I feel quite joyful at the though. If they do to May & Co what they did to Nick Clegg, then some 80% of the Tories will lose their seats!

It is my strongest desire that not one or two or so of the Brexstremists will be cast asunder but every single one of them. They have behaved like Nazis so I will call them Nazis. They care not one jot for the people and not even the country but only for their own selves, their hidden money and their lust for power.

To my mind there immediately comes a number of people like: - Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) A failed Tory Leader who has done much at the DWP to hurt countless numbers of British Citizens both home and particularly abroad. In respect of the latter, Cameron let this fiend put through a Statutory Instrument (based on deliberate lies) through Parliament to deprive UK Pensioners of their Winter Fuel Allowance in the EU and connived with the Daily Mail to run a  hate campaign against these pensioners with totally false statistics and an absence of even one grain of truth.

The effects of some of his welfare rules induced a number of people in the UK to take their own lives because now they could no longer afford to pay their rent or mortgages or even buy enough food whilst he lorded himself in accommodation provided within the grounds of his in-laws.

Rees Mogg (better known as Ree Smogg) a Toffee-nosed individual who wants and demands Brexit at any cost whatsoever whilst making sure his wealth is safely stashed outside of the UK. If he practiced speaking without his thumb up his nose, people might be better able to understand what he is ranting about. He is so arrogant that he firmly believes that the country is waiting for him to deliver them!

David Davis another failed Tory Leader of whom it is generally reported that he only spent a total of 4 hours in conversation with Michel Barnnier ! Whenever I saw him he was always grinning like an ape at the tv camera. Probably because he had a cushy job which he didn’t know how to do anyway and was spending the taxpayer’s money on First Class travel, hotels and restaurants with no limit to the costs a totally useless and disloyal cabinet Minster.

Boris Johnson (Batty the liar) the most egotistic and unjustifiably arrogant “would-be leader” who neither deserves nor is qualified to be a British PM. He is the real ‘Walter-Mitty’ of politics and the worst possible Foreign Secretary let alone PM imaginable. There can barely be a country that he has not offended by his crass behaviour. Frankly I could more stomach Corbyn or even Michael Foot as PM than him!

Gove: - (Gove the Slimy one). With him as PM we would all be made to ride Unicorns and abandon our cars. He has the charm of a month old cold rice pudding and I would not trust him in any conspiracy I was involved with!

Leadsome (Lead Some, Mislead Others). Someone who is well out of her depth in politics and would be ten times worse than May as PM.

Fox: - (Fox the Sly) Over –imaginative of his importance to queen or country let alone a political party which is about to destroy itself and take the country with it. Millions of travel miles and wondrous luxury Global Hotel experiences laced with endless cocktails and sumptuous meals at the taxpayer expense and for what?

Raab: - (RRRRAAAAB the ambitious) on a career trip to secure the top job in politics which he is not suitable for given his poor staying power and disloyalty.

May: - (The Maggi Pretender) not fit for Human Consumption and certainly not skilled enough to run a team let alone a whole country. This woman has been out of her depth since being anointed leader. A total betrayer of the 16 Million people who voted to remain and is only interested in what the Tory Party wants and not what the TRUE will of the people is.

Andrew Bridgen: - (Bridgen the Disinterested) unfortunately my MP and shows no interest in his constituents or their views. Was quiet in the commons until the last few months and is busy now plastering himself all over the place to get noticed – perhaps he thinks his time has come!!

And so it goes on and on and on. There are so many useless but raucous old hard Tory Back Benchers packed full of hatred for the electorate and for their own failures which they choose to blame others for like Redwood who wants the UK to walk away from its debt and never be trusted again in any trade deal – thick as two short planks!!

Mercifully there are a couple of handfuls of decent and respectable Tory MPs headed up by an old MP from the time I lived in Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke a couple of years older than me but a straight and honest man of deep conviction. This is a man I trust and admire for his courage.

A few Tory lady MPs have worked hard to represent those who are convinced that Brexit is a disaster waiting to happen.

The time is now and these level-headed few from the Tory Party need to walk away from it and form up with centre ground Labour MPs and others including the LIB Dems, SNP, Greens and others to form a new Pro-EU people’s party and take the extreme left and right wingers on.

The Tories told the Scottish people “Better Together” to win the Scottish Referendum then said just the opposite to the people when it came to the EU referendum - Lies, damn lies and Tory words!!

Clive Walley

17th November 2018.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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