May's Big Lie about a Second Referendum

May's Big Lie about a Second Referendum-

May’s Big Lie about a Second Referendum.

Saturday 22nd September 2018.

There has been a very significant change of mind throughout the United Kingdom by the British People and therefore the “Will of the People” which May hides behind to allow her to turn the UK into a ‘One Party Dictatorship’.

I have heard her time and time again referring to the “Will of the People” and “Democracy”. She puts the two expressions together as if it is something wonderful, indeed so wonderful that you could hide a whole army of Nazis behind it.

She, May is terrified that a Second Referendum would confine BREXIT to the dustbins of history, as it would right now and expose her to ridicule.

People, including a million or more “Leave Voters” now know they were lied to by the Tory extremist thugs starting with Johnson and his lie-laden red bus and going on to those who threatened if we didn’t vote “Leave” 82 Million Turks would be immediately on their way to steal our jobs, our homes, our money and God Knows what else and to engulf us.

When all the economic arguments were advanced by the Financial Wizards for remaining in the EU because to leave would be economic suicide - which we are now about to suffer, the Leave Liars accused them of scare tactics. This is the very game that the pro-leave Prime Minister is now playing herself to get her awful Chequer’s plan accepted. So much hypocrisy in the Tory Party.

The Tories and their other Right Wing Allies, UKIP, DUP, e.t.c. want to leave the EU to end Citizens rights, Worker’s rights, Human Rights, Minimum Wage Levels indeed any right that the people of our great nation have to safeguard them from the “Wicked Rich” as they slave away to put meat on the bone of our national enterprises.

The irony of this is that much of this legislation was originally inspired by the UK working in the interests of the whole EU.

This was achieved by right thinking people across the political spectrum but which angered the “Toffs” like “Ree-Smogg” who don’t want all the people to have rights, only, the rich like them.

I’m not a Left Wing Extremist but someone who has voted Tory consistently at General Elections from 1960 up to and including the year 2010 when Cameron was elected. Since then I have voted Lib Dem in 2015 and Labour on a tactical vote to oust May and hopefully rid the UK of this extreme right wing government in her stupid speculative General Election.

She thought she could not go wrong as she read “Alice through the looking glass” for the tenth time in bed the night before her ill fated results!

If May was a fair and reasonable person she would jump at the opportunity of a second referendum as a matter of Democracy and for the people to be able to express their will fully.

May is a coward with no guts to face the inevitable result the referendum would bring. I thoroughly detest Farage and all he stands for but at least he had the courage to suggest a second Brexit referendum.

She is determined to satisfy the Tory Terrorists and even if the whole 65 million people said “No” she would lead the country out of the EU.

May, will go down in history as one of the biggest political cowards of our time and someone, who can only try to mimic a great Tory Leader Lady Thatcher. Maggi had guts and knew where and when to stand up to the EU and win on the day but she would never have risked destroying her country like May is to appease the loonies on the back benches of her party.

Corbyn is equally cowed by the extremists in his party who want the UK out of the EU. The only Union he and his left wing thugs are interested is a “New Soviet Union”.

Britain urgently needs a middle-ground and moderate People’s Party to run our country before the elements of Left and Right wing extremists destroy this much loved country.

Clive Walley


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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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