A Lunatic with his Finger on the Nuclear Button.

A Lunatic with His Finger on the Nuclear Button.

I spent most of my teenage life focusing on the ‘3 minute warning’ and for those not familiar with that expression, it represented the amount of time that UK citizens had to live due to the fact that the Soviet Union would have already launched an all-out nuclear attack on the UK and others and the 3 minutes represented the time from launch to arrival in our skies.

I remember Nikita Khrushchev’s shoe banging episode at the United Nations in 1960 though word has it that he didn’t take his shoe to the Rostrum but rather the delegate seat upon which he was sitting!

It seems only yesterday that my TV displayed film of the Soviets stamping out Hungary’s Revolution against Soviet occupation and tanks driving over protesters in 1956.

The basing of Soviet ballistic missiles in Cuba threatening to wipe out countless millions in the USA and the stand-off between President Kennedy and the Russians over the period of October 16th  - 28th 1962.

Without resolution the world would have ended then and many who read this would not have been born.

For most of us it was time to share that last date with a girlfriend/boyfriend and prepare to be annihilated any time soon. There was a feeling of helplessness with nowhere to go nowhere to hide so we became of a mind that we might as well stand in the middle of a bloody street and take it as it comes!

Battles between Mods & Rockers were of small consequence then!

We were all worried but realized we could do nothing to stop the anticipated slaughter. Fortunately the Soviets saw more reason in removing their missiles than any potential left-overs that might be found in the resultant scorched earth.

I remember fondly the coming together of PM Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev and the endeavours to remove the constant uncertainly of a life without nuclear war.

I personally liked and trusted Mr Gorbachev and felt my shoulders dropping for the first time in many years. He was a well-intended man, a man of honour and above all else, a man of peace.

We enjoyed that peace dividend but I believe that the West stitched up Gorbachev and the Soviet Union so badly that the current stand-off with a totally militarized Russia & China is the result of Western arrogance.

Looking around the Nuclear World today tells me that an all-out nuclear war is far more likely than ever before. The smaller the leader’s penis’s the bigger and more deadly the weapons, so for evaluating the big three it’s not difficult to identify the leaders with the smallest willies in the world as Trump, Putin and Xi jinping.

This is quickly followed by leaders of Iran and North Korea but the smallest penis owner lies much closer and should be considered the biggest potential threat to world peace. The man concerned resides in 10 Downing Street, London and also wallows in the luxury of Chequers and its 1,500 acres.

Having proven himself, to be an habitual liar and a fraud, the stupid British electorate gave the governmental crown to such a person who indulges himself in fantasizing that he is somehow a reincarnation of the very great Sir Winston Churchill and even tries to mimic his voice, his stance and his habits. Sadly, Johnson has never tried to mimic Churchill’s honesty and dependability. Nor does he have any of Sir Winston’s leadership qualities about him.

Johnson appears to enjoy adding ‘war like’ phrases into his speeches for colour. So we get fed expressions like “win the war”, “battle our way through”, “beat the enemy virus”, and so on.

Sir Winston at most times wore a suit and used to put his hand in the jacket pocket but always leaving his thumb outside of the pocket – a habit that has been adopted by the current temporary occupant of number 10. Farcical beyond belief!

Johnson appears to have a split personality which is so often demonstrated by his three differing voice sounds, viz his chummy almost cockney voice when in casual mood, his pompous voice in PMQ’s and his crude version of “sir Winston” voice for speeches, the latter being his favourite since he generally avoids answering any questions, particularly if there is a big Fridge Freezer to hide in! Sir Winston must be laughing his socks off in heaven!

Once Johnson comes under scrutiny he falls apart and he knows it. He starts to bluff his way out but recognises it’s no success so moves on to blather and bluster and what is generally described as bullshit. He throws out absolutely meaningless sentences about things of the future and draws circles in the sky to convince people he is God. Then he embarks on his ‘AND sentences’……

Unfortunately for him this is an even bigger give-away as to his lies, deceit and cluelessness to follow. He will in trying to convince his questioner resort almost automatically to this process by saying that this had been done ‘AND’ ‘er’ ‘hum’ this will happen ‘AND’ we are developing a World Beating System ‘AND’ ‘er’ ‘well’ it’s not quite ready yet ‘AND’……He doesn’t know how to answer the question and uses AND to give himself more time to make something up.

I have seen and heard young children in trouble for breaking something and who don’t know how to explain it wasn’t them but they make up sentences about this person or that person AND how they saw that person AND it could have been them that broke the item AND anyway I have a headache can I go now!!!!

 I hope the reader understands my point. If not please just v listen out for the ‘ANDs’ when he’s in trouble.

The man is totally unstable and is incapable of running anything as big as a country and he has already proven that many times. Making Cardboard Model Red Buses is more his skill and of course breeding Children.

There are endless numbers of observations of his weird behaviour in the public domain that have been made in the press and Social Media and that are increasingly disturbing the electorate at large but it is to a finer point that I now move in this short article and it is this: -

 Johnson’s inability to be truthful or consistent on any matter (Typically the agreement he signed with the EU last year which he now refuses to honour) demonstrates that he cannot be trusted.

His total (self-claimed) unawareness of the horrendous conditions under which thousands of immigrants are working on the front line to help the UK though the Covid-19 pandemic shows that he is out of touch with his own government and certainly the people.

His willingness to pass on massive amounts of tax-payers money to friends for favours without reference to his chancellor or the government rule books as if it his is own money and in particular the relation/friend of Cummings to Develop Test & Trace Software without any pre-examination of the recipients ability to actually perform and not just run off with the money all prove he is not the right person to be in charge of the country’s wealth or otherwise.

His ability to make promises that he has no intention to keep proves his deceitfulness.

His two-face approach to the NHS who have been starved into virtual bankruptcy following years of his support of the Tories continual cuts to the Life & Soul of the Country and who are now hanging on massive financial promises that will never be completed.

His gross treatment of two doctors who stated that in their view Johnson did not have the virus and who were sent home (possibly dismissed too) because they refused to sign the Official Secrets Act. It is easy to ask why in God’s name was that necessary unless it was part of a cover up. After all Johnson himself couldn’t wait to tell the press how he nearly died, how it was 50:50 but how bright and active he immediately was as he skipped off to wallow in self-pity in Chequers for a week or so and learn how to WATCH nappies being changed!

How willing he was to watch 250,000 UK people die because he wanted to experiment on people by employing the Herd theory reputed to have been proposed by his adviser Cummings! This delay whilst he pondered which would serve him personally better, caused thousands of unnecessary deaths whilst no plan to lock down like other countries had done and in particular watching elderly people die painfully as they once having been confirmed as carrying the virus, were shipped off to care homes from whence no infection or death numbers were being included with the NHS figures nor any facilities were supplied to these homes including PPE.

Whist he sat reading his Beano comic over 350 NHS Care Staff and other front line workers died unnecessarily because he failed to meet his heavily Choreographed promises to supply PPE equipment time and time again.

He abused highly trained and knowledgeable Scientists because he believed more in the Cummings Svengali than these skilled people.

Today 30th May SKY news is showing that over 200 UK citizens died in the last 24 hours and the politicians are claiming success! They are planning to do away with the lockdown and I know full well the death toll in the UK will reach 100,000 or more as a result of an arrogant PM.

I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I live in Spain where the government have been consistent, trustable and correct in their rulings. Over the past 3 days the death toll has been just 4 in total but we are not yet completely out of lockdown or out of troubled waters but our cautious government are comprised of real people not liars, con men, and a political party that cares not for people but only profit for its hierarchy.

I left the UK in 2004 to escape family stress, excessive violence, deceitful government and a Tory party that could not give a damn for its citizens. I have been hospitalised several times and happily I live in a country with a NHS ten times better than the UK. That is not a slur on NHS staff it reflects my opinion about lying politicians. I was an ardent Tory for over 50 years but now I despise them for all they stand for including putting a worthless, unqualified, lying, cheating, inept tosspot into the position of PM when they must have known how dangerous he is.

So now I come to my point. The idiot in Downing Street who is heavily under the influence of an extremist has his finger on the nuclear button!!!!!!!!!!

Many of us have had doubts about Corbyn being in that position but in truth I would prefer him to have his finger on the button than a raving lunatic. In my book he is even more unstable than Kim-yong-un or the Iranian leader. Worse that Saddam Hussain whose demise we played a part in or even Gadhafi.

Johnson has demonstrated that he is vengeful and has a vile temper. He is not the right person to have his greasy finger on the UK’s nuclear button. He is no Winston Churchill and he is too unstable to be allowed to think he is for obvious reasons. He must be removed before he creates a world crisis.

Clive Walley

30th May 2020.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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