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Brexit or Bust

Is May’s ‘Brexit or Bust’ Philosophy Revenge Against, EU Courts?

May’s sheer bloody-mindedness over the forthcoming break-up with the European Union is nothing to do with a determination to comply with the so-called wishes of 17.4 million people who voted “Leave” in the June Advisory Referendum.

It has far more to do with the rebuke that her Home Office Department suffered at the hands of the European Court of Justice in 2014 for illegally forcing spouses of EU citizens who were not themselves European; to obtain visas to enter the UK.

Her feelings have been further exacerbated by a similar judgement against the DWP for discriminatory action over the winter Fuel Allowance payments to pensioners in Europe.

In regards to the first matter, a certain Mr Sean McCarthy, a dual British and Irish national who was living and working in Spain successfully sued the British Government in the Luxemburg Court. His wife, Patricia McCarthy Rodrigues is a Colombian citizen with official residence in Spain. They have two young children who are both British Citizens.

The McCarthy’s were forced by British Government’s wrongful intransigence to travel half way across Spain to the British Embassy in Madrid for Mrs McCarthy to be finger-printed and complete detailed application forms each time they wanted to visit the UK as a family. It invariably took several weeks for the family permit visa to arrive.

Tired and frustrated by 5 years of the idiocy of the UK Government Home Office and its willingness to disobey EU regulations, the family took action against the UK under the Rules of Free Movement and won!

Some of the usual suspects in the Tory Party complained bitterly, spitting blood at the “Freedom of Movement” legislation despite Britain having signed up to it and I’m sure many readers will see where this is leading us!

The European Court stated “The UK is not permitted to determine the conditions for entry of persons who have a right to enter under EU law or to impose upon them extra conditions for entry or conditions other than those provided for by EU law”.

And now the plot thickens!


When David Cameron PM went on his ill-fated trip to the EU with a shopping list of things he hoped to extract from the Union to enable him to recommend to the UK Parliament that he had enough goodies for the UK and a Referendum would not be needed he came back carrying the document shown below in his shopping trolley: -








Clearly, Cameron was under pressure from the Home Office and its’ Secretary of State- Theresa May to curb the entry of non-EU spouses of EU citizens from having Freedom of Movement particularly in the UK.

In essence this amendment means for example: - In my own particular case as an Englishman resident in Spain who must suffer because I travelled to China eight years ago, met and married the ‘love of a lifetime’ and legally brought her back to Spain.

Should I and my wife wish to travel to other EU states to make a visit, my wife would need to obtain a visa for doing so instead of presenting her Spanish Residence Document & Chinese Passport at the border of France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, e.t.c. or the UK according to this amendment.

This downright and non-accidental discrimination is so typical of the UK Government’s thinking. It is part of the mind-set of the xenophobes that call themselves “Today’s Conservative Government”.

This equally applies to the authors and many of the readers of the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and Telegraph who are equally xenophobic.

Currently under EU regulations Myself, My Chinese Wife and Son can visit and travel through any EU member state by merely presenting our passports and Spanish Residence Passes if required in any of those countries or at Borders. This actually includes the UK despite its attempts to pervert the EU law.

Because the Tory Party rejected The Cameron Deal this section has not yet been added to the EU Directive 2004/38 and hopefully never will be!

Foremost in most people’s minds is the need for the UK to retain its trading relationship with the EU to secure jobs and the like regardless of the nonsense coming from the likes of May, Johnson, Davis and Fox who believe that the EU will give in to threats and blackmail. Their childish perceptions of how to do trade deals beggar belief. Why wait until other countries pop along and fill the vacuum created by the UK slamming to door?

All four of these Brexiteers are at best clueless and will no doubt present the country with a disaster of gargantuan proportions and all for the sakes of closing the UK borders to EU citizens and all in the name of racism.

The Fourth Brexiteer, May, fears that the Tory party will be literally stolen from under her nose by UKIP and the BNP unless she is even more right wing and xenophobic than them. And so the lurch to the right continues with placation of racists and bigots her top priority. In fact it is at the very top of her agenda whilst keeping free movement of goods and services placed at the bottom since she will not agree to free movement of EU citizens in the UK.

The EU’s principles on this will never change and the Four Brexiteers need to accept this fact just as King Canute was able to demonstrate to his courtiers that he could not stop the tide from coming in by sitting on the beach in front of it. A little humility on the part of the Brexiteers could work wonders for the country and they could learn something about their own lack of ability.

So we have this shameful piece of legislation requested by the British government in order for them to be able to treat non-EU spouses and family members of EU Citizens as 3rd class human beings and with less regard than thousands of Indians, Bangladeshi’s & Pakistani’s who sent their daughters or sons home to marry someone in their countries of birth to enable them to claim residence in the UK.

The writer has no axe to grind with the fine people of these countries in general but rather with British Governments who for too long allowed such abuses to take place adding to the frustrations of the indigenous population and creating a feeling of “foreigner saturation”.

Genuine hard-working Europeans are now taking the brunt of the blame for this and most unfairly.

Then there was the matter of Ian Duncan Smith’s endeavour to stop UK pensioners being paid the Winter Fuel Allowance (WFA) in Europe if they had not been receiving it in the UK before moving to the EU countries like France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, e.c.t.

The European Court of Justice ruled that this was illegal discrimination and Smith went into a sulk swearing vengeance on the EU.

More recently he presented falsified data to Her Majesty, Parliament, David Cameron PM and the country that the average winter temperatures in France and Spain were higher than the UK.

Falsified because he was responsible for the very high average winter temperatures of dependencies of these countries thousands of miles away being added in to the country’s own low averages to artificially raise them! I kid you not.

This matter is still ongoing with representations from UK pensioners in the hands of the European Court of Justice.

These liars in the British Government bitterly resent the European Court for interfering on behalf of UK citizens. Soon however, they will no longer be able to help badly treated citizens in the UK who will be left to the mercy of new legislation to be created by the UK government of May – be warned!

There is a stench about the current government’s attitude to mainland Europe and it is reminiscent of the old “Rule Britannia” days. The announcement of building a new Royal Yacht demonstrates just how bad the odour is since it is not for Her Majesty’s benefit but for the bigwigs of government to cruise around the world bartering for trade and talking down to countries, perhaps even picking up a few slaves along the way!

The people of the UK should not allow themselves to be fooled by the intent of May’s ‘Nazi style’ government. It is hungry for greater power than ever before, not for the country but for the executive.

 May is dictatorial enough without her gaining more powers from Europe. Oliver Cromwell would be proud of her for he too became a dictator who, for a time; usurped the powers of parliament.

Meanwhile millions of EU expats living in the UK and millions of UK expats living in the EU with their lives now on hold are being held hostage by the UK government in order to be cast as lots in trading deals to be sought.

May believes she can have total free trade with the EU and total restriction on Freedom of Movement. Presumably she is planning to try to use the hostages in exchange for the EU giving way on everything!

Even a semi-retarded hamster knows she will not get such a deal.

17.4 million, folk voted for all of this directly or indirectly but 16 million voted not to suffer such an affliction. Additionally another 32 million who did not vote or who were not allowed to, did not expect to find that they are to become victims of the biggest and deadliest decision of all time.

May, cannot claim to have a mandate for her actions and must stop ignoring the wishes of the rest of the population. I’m sure she is eying up the number of 17 million plus as potential “Tory Voters” in a snap election but she would be a fool to rely on it given the anger of the “other millions who feel betrayed” and upwards of 2 million Bregreaters.

Clive Walley

Campaigner for UK Expats Rights.                                                  27th October 2016

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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