The Great Betrayal & the Fourth Brexiteer.


The Great Betrayal & the Fourth Brexiteer.


A tale of deception, dishonour, political opportunism, xenophobia and ignorance of the facts and what the people really want.

“The fourth Brexiteer was May, the main character in the Great Betrayal of the British People. She wasn’t a Brexiteer in most people’s eyes at the beginning of the plot –just a wanabee or so she seemed – a little like D’artagnan, in a small way.

When she met up with Johnson, Gove and Leadsom accompanied by their sword carrier Farage she ended up duelling with them over who should lead. Then two of them were put to the sword (Gove & Leadsom) and were replaced with ‘Fox the Sly’ and ‘Davis the Dealer’. The new unity group comprised of May, Johnson, Fox and Davis who joined forces under May’s leadership to ensure that the new political order called “The Brexit Dictatorship’ would last a thousand years. “Remind you of anybody Mrs May?”

Whilst May quickly made friends with the other three and became the ‘Fourth Brexiteer’ and leader of the pack, D’artagnan was never so lucky.

May having been, impressed, by Oliver Cromwell’s dissolution of Parliament on 22nd June 1655 though she should do the same. Cromwell had believed that MP’s should not have a right to vote as was the thinking of the late ‘Charles l’, before being topped by Cromwell in 1649 for thinking the same way!

Fearless as he was, Cromwell managed to rule as ‘Lord Protector’ for another 3 years until 1658 when he died naturally. The only indignity he was to suffer was to be decapitated posthumously in 1660 with no pain – no anaesthetic needed.

Feeling that 3 years (like Cromwell had, had) might get her to the next election May decided that she and nobody else should decide the fate of the whole nation of 65,000,000 people without reference to parliament neither the Commons nor ‘the Other Place’.

She must at all cost save the Tory Party from the vagrancies of UKIP and its Kippers who were out to steal the Tory hold on politics and take over running the country with ‘Citizen Farage’ as the New Dictator. She knew she must usurp the powers of Parliament.

To do this she must lean the country towards a deep-seated hatred of anything European including her pet hate The 1998 Human Rights Act which was the UK’s enshrinement of the European Convention on Human Rights 1998. May hated this law because it had clipped her wings a few times in the past and beside which she did not like the general public being protected from unreasonable behaviour by government at central and regional levels.

‘Surfs’ should not be afforded such protection from bad legislation, police misusing its powers, e.t.c. and people should not be allowed to enter court knowing that they had rights.

One of her sword carriers ‘Ian of Duncan Smith’ had previously been ‘most hurt’ to be told by the European Court of Justice that he could not do the dirty deeds he was doing at the DWP and knew that he was soon to face judgement for presenting falsified temperature statistics to steal the Winter Fuel Allowance from a handful of elderly British settlers in Europe. He had pleaded for the Human Rights Act to be outlawed in the Kingdom of Briton and even stood with his arms folded rudely in the commons when such matters were mentioned.

May was now convinced by some of her ‘Sayers’ that she had the right to activate Article 50 and take away 65 million people’s rights ‘at a stroke’ by removing the European Communities Act of 1972 from the Statute Book. ‘Parliament was surplus to requirement’ she was thought to have said. ‘I am the God, the one God, the only God and only I will decide’ one can imagine her thinking!

‘I must save the Tory Party – to hell with the Nation. Farage is the threat so we must lean further right than him to secure his votes and not the other way around’.

And so dear readers some 361 years after Cromwell became Dictator we have a new one who on her incoming presentation stated that she wanted everybody in the land to be happy and share the new prosperity (of 350 million pounds a week?).

What she really means is that she will systematically dismantle all the Equal Opportunity Laws, Workers Rights, promote higher education for the richest, provide none of the supposed 350 million quid a week that they claimed would be paid into the NHS to save it nor much else that will help the general public.

That the UK would become a divided nation governed by one political party of the richest and most powerful and the rest particularly those who dared to vote “Remain” will become the new ‘Surfs’ there to be commanded but never to command.

This is the great betrayal that we are witnessing today with our own eyes and our Children and Grandchildren will suffer in the days and weeks and years to come.

The Advisory Referendum Result has been hijacked by a bunch of Extreme Right Wing Plotters to be used to save the Tory Party and keep the “repatriated powers from Europe” for themselves alone.

They are also the biggest bunch of cowards in political history. They know what they are doing to the country and its people is completely wrong but they do not have the balls to admit it. They do not have the courage to let the people’s representatives in parliament vote on it. They keep saying that 27% of the Country all of whom were lied to and amongst whom many regret voting ‘leave’ are the new authority which we must all obey. This is how Hitler got started Mrs May – how much of our blood are you prepared to shed to save the dirty rotten party you are building?

What of the young teens who were denied the vote? It is their futures you are about to abort because you want to deny them the freedom to attend universities in Europe and maybe to gain valuable knowledge there.

What about 1-2 million British Citizens who followed the governments one time advice that they could freely live and work and even die in Europe that now live day to day in fear of losing their reciprocal health-care and pension increments as well as their security of tenure? Is it your intention to place our security and that of innocent EU citizens working in the UK in the hands of Davis to barter and gamble us for trade deals? Are we the Lots to be cast?


Our universities and scientific centres will lose out from the loss of the EU subsidies and will not be able to produce the miracles you are hoping for to help the UK economy post Brexit!

Our NHS is frankly Third World because of underfunding and restrictive practices and most people fear that they will literally ‘catch their deaths’ there. How on earth do you really believe you will get enough from tax receipts to fund it!

How are you going to fund the massive unemployment the country will suffer from the expected failure of the other 3 Brexiteers to bring home the bacon?

What happened to the Tory Party’s promise to restore the voting rights to disenfranchised people living overseas but still seriously connected to the UK – often by paying tax there?

Was this yet another Tory lie or did the Brexiteering backbenches forbid it in case they voted ‘remain’?

You hide behind the word “Democracy” but the clumsily contrived ADVISORY referendum was taken over by liars – one of which laughingly represents our Country as Foreign-Secretary.

The result should have been declared null and void since there was not an ounce of democracy in it. It has become a charter for Xenophobia, Hate-Filled Racism, bullying of EU children at school, unprovoked assault and murder on the streets of Britain because many of the ‘Leave voters’ but not all, believe that they are not only licenced to behave this way but are endorsed by the May Government to so do.

Goodnight Democracy.


Clive Walley: Campaigner for Expats Rights. September 11th 2016.

I voted Tory for 56 years- it was once a great party. Now I am ashamed to be associated with it.


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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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