The Most Cynical and Self-Seeking Election Call Ever

The Most Cynical and Self-Seeking Election Call Ever.

In 2015 the Conservatives won a General Election on the basis of a manifesto that included a promise that the UK would remain a member of the European Union. Of course there were many other promises like no more tax increases before 2020 and the restoration of voting rights to all UK citizens living abroad who had been disenfranchised after being abroad for 15 years and the protection of State Pensioners.

Cameron the then PM also promised a Referendum on EU membership believing that the truth would prevail in the pros and cons arguments that were bound to follow and the people would clearly and truthfully realize the benefits of the UK remaining in  the EU.

However, he did not know or did not care that there was a conspiracy taking place within the Tory Party ranks by a bunch of Extreme Right Wingers or Neo-Nazi’s to snatch control of the government.

Having told the UK population that British People never give in – he alone did just that and left the rest of us all alone to face the outcome.

A stage-managed election procedure for a new leader emerged with the wilful Tory liars of the Referendum campaign squabbling for position whilst waiting in the wings with unparalleled excitement was one, Theresa May, failed Home Secretary.

It was a well-rehearsed Tory Plot and nobody should be surprised by what this writer is trying to say. The Extreme Right Wing of the Tory Party is no less a threat to British democracy than Corbyn is in a smoke-filled room of extreme Left Wing Labour MP’s. These are the sort of people who go all out for dictatorships and in May they have an ideal Figurehead.

We have all seen her attempts to usurp the powers of Parliament over Article 50 to ensure (as was her wish) that she alone would decide the future of a whole nation of 65 million Souls.

Those who opposed her plan to reign supreme, from the likes of Ginner Millar to the very honourable High Court judges were vilified by the gutter press, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and even the once most reliable Daily Telegraph to the delight of Dictator May.

Farage whose UKIP party had been neatly side-lined by an even more right wing clique joined the circus by intimating that there would be 100,000 protesters camped outside the Supreme Court for the judges to deal with if they made the ‘wrong decision’.

Meanwhile it became commonplace on the streets of Britain for EU citizens legally there to be threatened, abused, spat at and in some cases beaten up by Brexit Thugs. We also know of two or three murders including the MP Joe Cox committed by these fascists.

The hatred even reached schools where children of EU citizens were got at and told that they were being sent home soon.

The New Home Secretary, Rudd proved as useless as her boss in providing any reassurance to the public or taking any serious measures to stamp out the violence and so it continued to grow unchallenged and is still growing today. And it has to be said “To the delight of this Tyrannical Government.”

Unashamedly, Rudd neglected an important part of her job which is to protect the Judiciary.

May repeatedly stated that “Brexit means Brexit” and “leaving the EU was the will of the people”. The expression “Will of the People” was well exercised by Bonaparte, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Oliver Cromwell and probably Attila the Hun – all dictators of one sort or another.

One of the most sickening scenes the writer has been unfortunate enough to witness was Dictator May on her debut in PMQ’s trying to emulate the late and great Margaret Thatcher by turning her head in an angle to chastise the Opposition Leader Corbyn as Maggi did most effectively to her then political opponents but never with a May sneer.

It was quite deliberately but insufficiently practised in front of her bedroom mirror as to cause embarrassment to all around except the already mentioned gutter press that lauded her actions whilst this writer reached for his vomit bucket!

One year on from the false referendum it is becoming blatantly obvious to millions of UK citizens including many ardent Brexiteers that Brexit is a complete and utter shambles. Despite 240,000 miles of an-all-expenses paid jolly around the world Fox the Sly (one of the Brexit gang) came back completely empty-handed in respect of any alternative trade deal to that which we already have with the EU.

Dictator May’s all out flirtation and hand-holding with Donald Trump and very significant expense to the treasury has all come to naught with Donald telling Angela Merkel on a recent visit that the USA will put a Trade Deal with the EU far in front of any deal with the UK and who can blame him?

Certainly he can pick up a great deal of trade to be discarded by the UK and who wouldn’t?

The UK is bleeding at the ears for a sensible U-turn on Brexit having seen the massive rocks that the country is going to crash into just off the Straits of Dover but May is determined to engage in hatred so deep with the EU because she and some of her bedfellows in the Tory Right Wing want it.

However, she considers that even if it all goes wrong – it will be the ‘will of the people’ and not her fault.

However, being secretly advised of just how gigantic the rocks are just outside the Straits of Dover, she had a very panicky weekend over Easter.

What on earth am I going to do when before the 2020 election it all goes wrong? They will throw me out! Even burn me at the stake! I will have no time before the election to carry out any financial massaging of the economy to cover up my blunders, what can I do to hide it all?

Then it came to her! I must do a small U-turn and call an election or gain parliament consent to do so! Yes! Yes! That will give me until 2022 that awful cruel writer Clive Walley may well have passed by then and I will be able to con the British People that we now rule the waves again.

How can I justify doing this? She asked herself and then thought of course I will blame Ginner Miller, the High Court judges, Kenneth Clarke, Rebel Tory Backbencher, Jeremy Corbyn and his rebellious MP’s, that nasty SNP woman and her gang in parliament, the House of Lords and the rebellious lord Michael Heseltine and so on for opposing me and also few newspapers that don’t form part of the gutter-press. “Nobody should be allowed to go against me – particularly parliament.”

So here we are today on the 22nd April 2017 praying for the miracle of “Tactical Voting’. This is a device that if used entirely could and should dethrone the May Dictator. It’s simple to operate and should cause May to suffer an immediate outbreak of diarrhoea. The opposition parties get their heads together and agree a strategy where all opposition parties will encourage the electorate to vote not on party political lines but in a manner which in this case will unseat as big a number of sitting Tory party seats as possible and equally protect vulnerable opposition seats from a Tory onslaught.

If this is worked correctly then the May Dictator whilst escaping the block, will be invited to vacate Number 10 and face extinction and for the remnants of her party to move over to the other side of the House of Commons benches.

There are of course two risks at play in this: -

1.  Jeremy Corbyn’s blind and ludicrous belief that only he and the Labour party can beat the dictator. This begs the question “Is he on the Tory payroll?”

2. 17,400,000 going on 16,000,000 pro-Brexiters who, come hell or high water would still want to slam the door on Europe and therefore bear voting for May.

Let us hope that the 16,000,000 and rising Remainers will all NOT VOTE TORY and that they will encourage many more family and friends to vote against the Tories.

May is not just another greedy Tory looking for more than he/she is entitle to but also as someone who believes it is her destiny to “Rule Britannia” not for a day, a year or even 5 years but forever!

In treating the electorate with contempt and with an overly smug look about her I hope all her play-acting and selfishness will prove to be her own nemesis. Her arrogance leads her to believe that she is really clever just as Batty Boris thinks he is amusing!

In her mind, she should come first in everything, the Tory Party second and the electorate last. This leads me to wonder exactly where her husband fits in?

Once again up to 5 million British citizens are being deliberately denied the right to vote in the second General Election in 2 years lest they fail to support the Tories.

This tyrant of a woman must be removed from power at all costs before our precious country is damaged beyond repair. The machinery is there to remove her but will it all get spoiled by an overconfident Labour leaver or the masses failing to appreciate the opportunity that has been cast before their eyes?


Clive Walley - Freelance Author

22nd of April 2017.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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