May's legal Costs on Brexit Battle

Why May should be made to pay the costs of her Legal Battle over Brexit.

Any normal person picking up the reins of an outgoing Prime-Minister over an issue that is so sensitive as Brexit is, should behave with a little of decorum. But Mrs May is no normal person nor does she show any decorum.

May has a strange arrogance about her which the writer believes will lead to her eventual political demise. She is a woman most rude and raucous and despite her desire to replace Margaret Thatcher in the history books for her great achievements as the first British Woman PM – she doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance.

I used to watch May’s facial expressions when Cameron was at the despatch box in PMQ’s and it was plain to see that she was jealous of his successes but rudely opposed to anything he said about remaining in the EU. It was plain to see that she had no interest in the UK remaining in the EU but it was probably more expeditious to hide behind the “Remainers” for the time being somewhat like a Cobra eying up its next meal and wait until it was the right time to strike.

Indeed this is just what she did keeping her powder dry until it was the coming of her moment.

Once she had grabbed the reins of power, she made no apology for her absolute loathing for everything European and began a campaign of vilification of the EU and everyone in it. She had long since hated the Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act itself and determined herself to see both of them off.

Having failed miserably as Home Secretary in dealing properly with the Immigration problem which had bedevilled UK governments for over 40 years, she could now rest all of the blame on the UK’s membership of the EU.

She didn’t need to stoke this fire very much at all, it had all been done by her would-be henchman Farage in the build up to the referendum as he and some Tory MP’s blurted out crass comments like Turkey was about to send 80 million of its citizens to fly into Heathrow airport. Let’s not even mention the big red bus with the 350 million a week promise to the ailing NHS.

As the racists took advantage of the Brexit result in the ill-fated referendum, she had little or nothing to say about it. Indeed even though these thugs were attacking decent people in the street who sounded or looked in any way foreign, assaulting them and indeed also murdering some, May merely offered a few platitudes about it but did nothing to try to stop the rampage.

Just as she had failed for over 8 years as Home Secretary to do anything to contain the influx of immigrants from all over the world, she fiddled whilst Rome Burned and the situation went completely out of hand. Meanwhile her replacement as Home Secretary merely sat on her hands in parliament and said even less about the disgrace.

May’s arrogance grew like a cancer and as she made her early pronouncements about the manner in which the Brexit negotiations would be approached and who would be making the decisions.

It was to be her!

Now we were beginning to see the start of a Dictatorship forming by an extreme Right Wing Tory who was constructing a private committee of Liars, Cheats, Has-been’s and big heads. None of whom had the slightest of negotiation skills. However, these were to be the doers and she would be their Queen.

I watched her performance in her first PMQ’s with horror! She had barely been there more than a few moments when, aghast, I saw and heard her try to copy Margaret Thatcher’s style of body movement in shooting down the easy target of Jeremy Corbyn! Clearly she had been practising this in her bedroom mirror but unsuccessfully!

I wanted to vomit – quite literally!! Two or three times when there was a noise being made in the parliament whilst she was speaking she  stopped and presented a most indignant stare on her face and has continued to practice this in every PMQ session since.

More and more we heard that “Brexit is Brexit” and how she would decide this and that and it became apparent to the masses that Oliver Cromwell had returned to haunt us all.

Then she announced that Parliament would not be asked to decide on invoking Article 50 thus usurping parliament. To many of us on the ground particularly those who were against leaving the EU, it now became apparent that she must be stopped.

Facebook, Twitter and others became almost overloaded by discussion groups and individuals coming together to find a way of stopping her. To our delight Jenna Miller came forward with others to fund the cost of challenging her. We had signed many petitions but without bearing fruit but now someone had put up the funds to fight May’s arrogance.

The government did not fund our people who presented the case against May but those who did and many of them Lawyers, who kindly worked pro-bono; knew the costs of losing were high.

May now thinking, she ruled the world used taxpayer’s money to defend her arrogance!

Notwithstanding the fact that she had lost in the High Court, she dipped her hands even further into taxpayer’s money to try again by appealing to the Supreme Court and losing again.

The costs to the taxpayer of fighting a needless battle twice over are enormous and May should be given the bill.

This was not a question of anyone attempting to block the Brexit decision but the people’s voice being heard. May was assuming that she was the ultimate power in the land and that she could ignore the people’s representatives – Parliament and to do anything she liked or wanted to. This is the same person who claimed that people had not been listened to in the past and she was going to change all that and make sure that people’s voices were heard – but not on this matter!

She was prepared to waste taxpayer’s money for the sake of her own pride! For that reason and since she was trying it on unnecessarily she should be ordered to foot the bill.

She also turned a deaf ear to the protests over the abuse that the judges at the High Court received from some daily news rags like the Express, Mail, Sun and Telegraph who had called these learned judges “enemies of the people” and worse.

The new Home Secretary failed miserably in her duties to protect the courts from being harangued by such villains of the peace. Any other time and any other PM would have dismissed her immediately.

We should make no mistake that the UK is witnessing the biggest upset to its democracy since that most unpleasant spat between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I causing the latter to lose his head and the former to usurp the powers of parliament and achieve a posthumous execution himself in the Seventeenth Century.

Mrs May – N.B.

The PM and her Nazi Gang constantly use the expression “It is the will of the people” but I ask which people?

 It might be the will of the 52% who voted “leave” but it is certainly not the will of the 48% who voted “Remain”. Nor is it the will of the people who either did not vote or who were prevented from voting either by reasons of age or disenfranchisement.

Many young people in the 16 – 18 year age group and more forward looking than the goons we have now running the country and certainly being far more worldly wise than many on either side of the referendum vote; were quite deliberately kept from voting by extremists in the Tory party for fear that they could halt the march to “Brexit”.

 Similarly, many world travelled people with first-hand knowledge of the EU were denied the reinstatement of their voting rights as promised in the 2015 General Election by an act of absolute betrayal - once more because the majority of them could conceivably vote “Remain”. Even unto this day – no further movement has taken place to fulfil this election promise and I believe that none is intended.

Thus from a population of 65 million only 33 million actually cast their votes leaving a further 32 million with no voice in the issue whatsoever.

Just 26% of the population on paper, are having their will acknowledged and some 74% are not.

The only ‘will’ that May is talking about is the ‘will of the right wing Tory party” – and of course Jeremy Corbyn!

It has been heart-warming to see and hear an honest Tory, the MP for Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke who has the guts to stand up and criticize his own party for the everlasting damage that the country will suffer at the hands of May, Johnson, Davis, Fox and other hangers on in the name of ‘Racism’. This should also be an example to the riffraff in the Tory party that agree with Kenneth Clarke but do not simply have the balls to rebel.

The rebels in the Labour party who have defied the Whips and stood up for their beliefs regardless of any personal losses should also be admired despite the threats. Such threats emanating from a ‘so-called’ party leader who is more like a most unpleasant entity stuck to the heel of the ‘Labour party’s boot’ than a man of principle. 

The SNP, Lib-Dems, Greens and N.I. MP’s have consistently stuck to trying to protect our country from this massive jolt to the right and deserve a medal.

Without some, maybe 15-20 Tories finding the courage to stand up, which I doubt and be counted, all of the Labour party defying the whip Article 50 will pass unopposed and any vote allowed to parliament on any deal which Dictator May puts to them will be on a “take it or leave it basis” with no further negotiations with the EU.

We are but 4 hours away from the passing of the Article 50 bill unopposed!

Tomorrow is another day – but what sort of day wqill it be?

Clive Walley

8th February 2017.

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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