Cameron's promise is too little too late.

Cameron's promise to expat pensioners is too little too late.

Cameron’s promise to expat pensioners is too little too late.

As a time-served British Taxpayer, life-long Tory and an Expat British Pensioner living legitimately in Europe, I believe I have earned the right to offer Mr Cameron some practical advice.

Voting Rights

His recent pre-election promise of reinstating our voting rights after the next election and not before it sits in the same slop-bucket as his EU In/out referendum promise.

There is more than sufficient time to get this simple change of legislation through in this parliament after all it would not take more than a day or two. So why not do it and do it now Mr Cameron? You would have very little opposition from the other mainstream parties so getting it through all stages should be a cinch!

Any right-minded party leader looking ahead to his potential political demise in May 2015
would jump at the chance!

 Of course none of us over this side of the channel have forgotten the ferocity with which your Rottweiler Secretary of State for Works & Pensions has vilified the old and frail who, have chosen to live out their last few years in other EU countries as the Treaty of Rome permits them to.

And we have not forgotten how the ‘Daily Mail Rag’ has lied about how we use our winter fuel allowance which you are about to steal off us, depicting old people as alcoholics to encourage even more government inspired attacks on us. In short the party which I once loved has, on your watch dropped to a level below despicable as you have used the politics of envy to gain support from the public against us.

Over many months we have been greeted with a constant drip of threats to our welfare and security outside of the UK in the media in general and your public mouthpiece, the Daily Mail Rag in particular.

Many of us paid into the system for over 40 years to get our ‘crust of bread’ and your unwillingness to discipline these pernicious people in your ranks leads one to believe that you support such negativity and lack of character. Perhaps this hits the nail on the head and you are ‘afraid’ to give back the vote now in case we take revenge! Everything is possible!


You have offered, nay, promised a referendum on Europe ‘IF’ you are re-elected but what if you are not which looks likely? Is this your face-saving get-out or have you overlooked the fact that millions of  re-enfranchised voters over here and in other parts could save your bacon? Not once but possibly twice!

I’m sure that even disaffected Tories like me could be persuaded to show a little gratitude and ease your plight at the 2015 election. Once elected you could continue the theme of mixing it large with the EU Federalists and wring some changes and millions of us living the European way of life over here along with our friends in Scotland could be relied upon to vote “Better Together in the EU” in 2017.

Is this not a tantalising thought?

Of course we over here will also be looking to your manifesto to find promises of an end to the shameful discrimination your government has practised against UK expats living abroad and the provision of some genuine representation over here.

Restore our vote now Mr Cameron and give old soldiers like Mr Shindler at least one more chance to vote for his country.

I say no more now other than to invite you to read this ‘Good Man’s’ letter here attached: -



I am the veteran expat recently awarded the MBE and who leads the campaign of British expats in Europe for an end to the "15 year rule" and the return to us of our democratic right to vote. You will be of course aware that we are disenfranchised, for we cannot vote either in the country in which we reside. I write to you with a proposal that could end this long standing dispute.

There may well be a referendum in the future on the matter of UK membership of the European Union, and the outcome of such a referendum is uncertain, but should the result be to withdraw from Europe, it would be in our view (and that of the CBI) a disaster for the UK.

Hence we make a proposal for your consideration:-

1. The Government take steps at once to end the "15 year rule", in time to allow all expats in Europe to register in their last constituency in the UK and vote in the general election of 2015.

2. British expats in Europe, organised in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, etc., on the announcement of a referendum will organise, a mass vote of the expats, to stay in Europe. /

Such a campaign will be backed by "Conservatives Abroad", "Labour International" and the "Liberals Abroad".

What we propose will ensure certain victory to "stay in", Perhaps, there is merit in the recent article (2-15-2014); in the Economist which suggests that "the Government might "lend Mr Shindler an ear".

We are sure this proposal will receive your serious consideration and await your reply.


Harry Shindler MBE

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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