Latest Progress on Fight for Expats Rights.

21st January 2014.
I am very pleased to include this report from a collegue in France, Graham Richards in respect of the ongoing fight to secure voting rights for expats of all ages in perpetuity.
The UK bars its expats from voting in UK elections after they have been living outside of the UK for 15 years.
The same government sold its voters the idea that by signing up to EU membership, they would be free to live, work, travel and retire within the EU without fear of any persecution.
Of course this has all turned out to be a LIE because our government not only withdraw voting rights after 15 years but also discriminate on things like the Winter Fuel Allowance and are planning to collapse the reciprocal health arrangements with other EU states and a whole lot more.
Whether you are 18 or 80 these things either affect you now or will do at some time!
Whether you are working and living in the EU or just retired here, it should concern you! All expats need a voice to cry out for them and they need their own voices to be heared.
Do nothing and your rights will dissapear - All of them!
Without a Vote - You are without a Voice.
Clive Walley
Campaigner for British Expats Rights
Good afternoon Colleagues
As previously advised, yesterday, Harry Shindler´s Solicitor / Avvocatto, Charlotte Oliver attended a meeting of the above in Brussels. The Committee decided to keep the petition open as they wish to continue to monitor and investigate the situation and it is likely that Harry will be invited, at a future date, to another meeting of the Committee.
The Committee invited a spokesman from the Directorate General General on Justice to respond to to the submissions that have been made on Harry´s behalf and they said that by the end of February the Commission will issue a report on their findings. The understanding is that the strongest form that this could take would be a "recommendation," which would not be legally binding, but would be directed at the six states where expat voting rights are restricted, and would carry considerable political weight, proposing legislative change on the voting system. This is the closest we may get to the Commission admonishing the UK for "punishing citizens who exercise their treaty rights." It is understood that this is the route that EC Vice President, Viviane Reding wants to take and let us all hope that she wins and issues a recommendation. We would then have to wait for the UK to make a formal response.
Before the meeting Charlotte spoke with Christopher Chantrey from the British Community Committee of France (BCC); who confrimed that the BCC have also lodged a petition, which should get heard quite quickly. Charlotte also asked the Committee to look at petitions from all countries affected and join them, to make Harry´s case stronger.
Kindest Regards
Graham Richards

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11.09 | 19:03

Thank you for your opinion. However, the UK is far from being oppressed by the EU. We are one of the leaders not followers.

18.06 | 14:34

What a load of rubbish, who wants to be controlled by any devil ,the English have proved over history that they will not be oppressed

18.01 | 13:35

Dear Kathleen, Thank you for visiting the website and posting your comment in support of our cause. Please, if you can find time, write to your UK MP. Thanks

18.01 | 13:20

This proposal is in my opinion a clear breach of EU law.

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